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What better way to set the mood than by turning the lights down low? Did you know that human mood is very sensitive to light brightness? The dimmer lights have a way of lowering anxieties and stress and ushering in a relaxed state of mind. This is the same reason why people go out at night to stare into the night sky or use night light projectors. The dim light has a way of restoring calmness and hope. 

One of the reasons night sky lights are so soothing is the boundlessness or the limitless nature of the skies. There are no borders or downward gravity. It’s freedom. And this gives you the space to breathe, literally. 

And this is why adding such mood lighting into your bedroom via night light projectors could perfectly imitate a night out. The only difference is that you get all that experience in the warmth and comfort of your home.

The best night sky light projectors bring you the stars, the constellations and nebulae right inside your bedroom. And can help spice up the nights by setting the perfect mood. Why are constellations so magical?


What’s a Constellation?

If you step out tonight (and if the skies are clear), you might see a giant dog, a great hunter, an Ethiopian queen or a woman that was transformed into a bear. And no, all these won’t be lurking in a dark corner somewhere. These are star constellations. 

A star constellation is a group of stars that seem to create a pattern. The type of constellations you see will depend on your location on Earth as well as what time of the year. Most constellations are named after animals, objects or people in the Greek Mythology.

Learning about constellations can be a beautiful experience that can make you appreciate the best night light projector especially if it can project these constellations on your walls. Here are just a few of the most popular constellations:


a.      Orion: the Hunter

This is one of the easiest  to identify star constellations in the sky. Start by looking for three big and bright stars, these form the hunter’s belt. Next is Betelgeuse, it’s a bright star that forms the hunter’s armpit. And if you follow this to the east it will  form the arm that’s holding a bow. The rest of the stars make up a rectangle which is the hunter’s upper body and when you look closer, you’ll be able to see his sword hanging out from the belt.

b.     Taurus: the Bull

If you managed to identify Orion, then this next one will be much easier because it’s located above it. Identify a large red star, the Aldebaran which is near the edge of the bull’s horns. The lower horn is where the Crab Nebula is located.

c.      Gemini: The Twins

This is another very common constellation that’s also located near Orion. If you locate the hunter’s arms, then these twins are just above it. These stars form something like twins with outstretched arms reaching to each other. The pattern of the twins is quite easy to trace: they both have arms, legs and torsos.

There are a total of 88 star constellations out there. A good star night light projector will project the main constellations and nebulae to inspire your mind to wander as you gaze at them.



What’s a Nebula?


Source: Pixabay


This is a giant cloud of gas and dust found in space. It’s formed by gases and dust that are thrown off by the explosion of a dying star. The best example is the supernova. A nebula can also form where new stars are being born.

Nebulae are a combination of dust and gases, particularly hydrogen and helium. These gases are spread out. However gravity gradually pulls them together forming clumps of dust and gases. And as they get bigger, so does their gravity. 

Eventually it gets so strong that it pulls them away from their gravity and this causes the center of the cloud to heat up causing the emergence of a new star. The best night light projectors have nebulae and it’s the most magical thing you can experience. Give it a try!



Why Are Projectors Great Night Lights?


Night light projector


Your bedroom isn’t only meant to be a space where you drop and slumber. It’s also a space to unwind and enjoy beautiful romantic moments. And just as you took time to pick out perfect furniture and give it a relaxing theme, you have to tie it all together with perfect lighting.

Good night light projectors come with features that not only set the mood for a romantic night, but they help your mind relax and calm and also help you sleep better. Here are some reasons why projectors are  great:


i.                 They Have Colored Lighting

Light can be used to balance mental, emotional and spiritual energy in humans. It's called Chroma therapy, it's an alternative medicine method. For instance, green inspires love and responsibility while blue inspires physical and spiritual communication. 

No wonder that most star projector night lights come in these colors. The best have an RGB dial to ensure the user switches colors depending on mood or the tone they want to set for their evening.


ii.               They Bring the Stars to You

You can’t enjoy the starry skies without imagining what’s out there, and after a busy day of running up and down to accomplish your tasks, gazing into the stars and the vastness of the skies allows you to realize that life is really more than the daily rush. 

And you ought to relax a bit. And these night light projectors are how to achieve this relaxation within your own space.


iii.             The Stars and the Lights Build Connections

Isn’t it true that gazing at the stars with another human is even more fulfilling? Think about the conversations while your minds are captivated by the beauty of the space. 

This is where friendships and romantic relationships are cultivated, and it gets better when you’re within your own privacy, with the help of a starlight laser projector that paints your ceiling or walls with countless stars. It creates such a beautiful intimate space.


iv.              The Night Lights Slow You Down

From the moment you get out of that bed till the time you come back to your bedroom in the evening, everything is very fast paced. Today even conversations are occurring at warp speed because everyone is living such a busy life. 

This sprinting from one thing to another takes a halt under the stars. Up there nothing is in a hurry. And when you look at the stars they pull you in with their calmness and you can quickly get lost in that quiet and easy moment. This is why night light projectors are built for the night. They’re meant to slow it down for you, to enable you to rejuvenate.


v.                They Offer You a Different Perspective

Today if you’re not staring at the computer then you’ll be staring at your smartphone. If it’s not any of these, then you’re likely on your TV. All these screens don’t do much to relax your mind. 

But the vastness of the interstellar world as projected through a night sky light projector will help your mind take a step back to realize that we are only a tiny part of an enormous universe. The galaxies, the nebulae and the countless stars offer a refreshing perspective to the mind. Which is great to remove the worries of the day and usher in a good exciting mood for the night.

With such benefits in mind, what are the best night light projectors that will help you spice up your nights?



1.     The Galaxy Projector


Best night light projector Galaxy Projector


If you’re looking to have a magical night then this night light projector will capture it perfectly for you. This is an ultramodern device created with the most sophisticated technology for a flamboyant experience. The Galaxy Projector  offers the highest resolution you will find in all the star night light projectors out there. 

What are some of its greatest features?

First is the smart app integration. With this projector, a remote control is an old vibe. What you have instead is the convenience in choosing to either use your smart device or control it via voice. 

You simply install the App from Google Play or the App Store then link it via WI-FI and control it via Alexa or Google assistant. This is also to ensure you have access to all its numerous features. Without this App, you will miss out on many features.  


And for those special nights you want to have a perfect evening with everything planned. This night sky light projector allows you to set up your favorite options through your smart device and use them later whenever you like.

Some of the features include brightness, you can adjust the brightness to give your evening just the right ambience. You can also enjoy the limitless color options from the RGB dial. And you also have the possibility of combining up to 3 different colors. Remember the blue lights that inspire deep conversations? This Galaxy Projector has all that and more.

Other features include a 360° rotating dynamic projection with the option of picking the rotation speed. So, if you want something mellow to spice up your night, perhaps the gentle speed rotation will be your choice.


Remember the constellations and the nebulae? This night sky light projector will mesmerize you with the entire universe projected on your wall. It projects a myriad of constellations, nebulae and intriguing crashing ocean waves with exceptional resolution that will create such a romantic mood in your bedroom.

The Galaxy Projector also has a timer function, which means you can schedule your favorite settings for a very personalized experience. Galaxy Lamps has carefully used eco-friendly PLA-material that is non-toxic and odorless. Thereby safe for you to use even throughout the night, as you sleep.

The design of the device itself is small and light, very convenient for any space.


2.     Bliss Lights Star Projector

Lights Star Projector

Rather than use a plain old dim light plugged on the wall, try using this Bliss Lights Star Projector to light up your room with a field of a blue nebula cloud, with drifting stars on your wall in order to get that moody atmosphere. 

This projector can transform your room into a cool starry night sky with the ability to switch through various effects and brightness levels. But unlike the Galaxy Projector, here you have to use buttons. They are, however, very easy to use.

This projector comes with a six hour timer that’s built in. So, even though you may not be able to control it remotely, you can still set it for when you need to use it and it will run for up to six  hours. The timer, however, can only be reset once the six hours are over, then you can start it all over again with the touch of a button. 


Apparently they set it this way to save on energy.  It has a short adaptor cord thus it’s not battery operated. Meaning you lack the convenience of having it anywhere unless it’s plugged in.

To enjoy this projector for a cozy night in, plug the cord to the power source then push the on button to start it. As said earlier, the cord is pretty short, so you might want to use an extension cord to solve the matter of where to place it. This can be inconvenient especially if you like a neat minimal look in your home.

With that said, you can switch on the romantic vibe in your bedroom with the projection from this device. It also has a nebula that’s brightly displayed. But unlike the Galaxy Projector, Bliss only gives off a single color which is blue or green. This means there are a couple of variants of this projector, you can either purchase the one with green or the one with blue star colors.


 The choice is purely yours, however, that color shall still be the only one displayed. The nebula is also in this color only. Again, no RGB dial but the projection is sharp enough.

It also has a brightness adjustment button, so you can dim the lights or brighten them to your desired amount. And it has a rotation option with set speed, meaning you cannot change the speed and this may be a bit of a downside.

This night light projector uses two separate lenses to project two different overlapping images. The diode laser projects a blue nebula while the second lens will paint a drifting arena of stars across your wall or ceiling. 

This projector offers limited but magnificent images that will still give your room the kind of atmosphere that a cozy night requires.


3.    Starlite Star Projector


Star Projector

Here is another great night light projector that comes affordably and with some beautiful features that give you nice value for your money. It can transform any bedroom into an exciting star studded environment that will not only soothe and relax you, but it will also help you get inspired.

Some of its amazing features include the color options. You can pick from 4 different colors which are blue, white, red and green. Here you have something to play with as far as mood setting is concerned. It also has a rotation option, or you can enjoy your stars in static motion. It also gives you the option of picking from 21 different lighting modes. You’ll never get bored again.


This little device has Bluetooth connectivity. This is a melodious feature if you love music and would want to include it in your romantic evening. Or if you just want sound noise to help you sleep. You can connect it to your smartphone or laptop and enjoy something soothing through the built in speaker.

For convenience, it comes with a remote control that you can use to adjust settings. So, this gives you the possibility of setting up your favorite features, from the comfort of your bed. It also has a sleep timer that you can set to shut it off anytime you want. Thus, if you fall asleep while it’s on, no problem, it’ll still go off when the timer goes off.



4.     Soothing Aurora Borealis LED Night Light Projector


Borealis Night Light Projector

Indirect illumination can just be the thing to transform the entire atmosphere of any room. It's the highlight that can be enhanced and this projector night light is the kind of light to accomplish this. The only night light projector that is built of wood, this little device is not only a functional light, it also adds to your room’s décor aesthetic.

It has a dome design and comes packed with great features. First, it has eight different lighting modes that flaunts the Aurora Borealis. It also doubles up as a music box that plays for an hour then turns itself off. How convenient!

It layers soft illumination of light in your bedroom that creates this unique canopy of Aurora Borealis to help you unwind, relax and get rid of all your stress before you drift off to your slumberland.


Imagine being able to free up your mind in the presence of this Aurora while inside your own room and possibly tucked inside your bed. This is the perfect recipe for any spice you can imagine.

It features a variety of projection modes, eight to be precise, that you can choose from and a selection of sounds already built in. Plus, it has a speaker system incorporated that allows the connection to other devices to listen to your favorite music.

It can tilt at an angle of 45° to enable projection even on your walls.


Quick Tips on What To Consider When Buying a Night Light Projector

Smart App Integration - This is basically all about convenience. You want a projector that you can easily control, be able to save your favorite features and access them whenever you want. This feature allows access to many features compared to projectors that lack smart app integration.

Portability - Night light projectors are not meant to stay in one place. You may want to spice up your night beside the pool or in your game room. Thus, such a device should be easy to carry in terms of weight as well as cord considerations. Meaning it will be better if it has a battery. 

360° Rotation - This is another important effect, it doesn’t limit you to where or how to use your projector. The best night light projector will give you the freedom to project your stars, constellations and nebulae anywhere you want. That’s the thrill. 

Multi-Color - What would be the point of being stuck in one color? What if it’s not your favorite color? This will take away the fun from the whole experience. A projector with an RGB dial allows you to pick your favorite colors, even better is when you can combine more than two for that extra special effect. Like the Galaxy Projector.

Clarity and Display Features - Variety is the true spice of life. A good star night light projector offers you more than just the stars to mesmerize at. The crashing waves and nebulae are a great example. This should be projected at a high resolution for the experience to be as real as possible, remember this is all about being “away under the skies” but inside the comfort and warmth of your home.



Final Thought

The best star projector night light can transform your bedroom into a place for absolute relaxation and re-connection with yourself and your special person. The right light has a central role and getting the best night light projector is your first step in creating that magical experience. Something like the Galaxy Projector will set the right tone for you.


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